Aquohee District

"We are still a sovereign Nation,
comprised of thousands of individual Cherokee citizens
and bands spread all across Turtle Island (North America)."

Welcome to the site of the
Upper Mississippi River Band, Aquohee District
of the Southern Cherokee Nation.

We join with our sister bands of the Southern Cherokee Nation,
and celebrate our sovereignty and rightful freedom.
We are enrolled tribal members of the SCN, and have come together as the
Upper Mississippi River Band, Aquohee District,
located on the far east and central part of Iowa,
situated on the bluffs directly overlooking the Great Mississippi River.

Many of "our" ancestors came from Georgia and North Carolina, and they, or their decendants relocated further north, after the Civil War, eventually finding us here. We are proud to live and keep the traditions of our ancestors and we honor and feel love for our homelands in the south.
We feel it is time to let the people who have been separated from their ancestry come home and help them to begin to live the life which was their birthright, and give them the opportunity to live peacefully, learning and keeping the ways of our grandfathers.

We have no desire to profit from the government nor from any other First Nations People. We do not seek to even survive on the government's handouts or on the coat tails of our First Nations cousins.
We are successfully striving to, again, become a self-sufficient sovereignty, providing for our own livelihood, our own medical plans, education, businesses, farming co-ops, and living on our own lands. We have no desire to take from anyone else. We are becoming a great and strong community, which we feel our ancestors would be proud of.

If you are looking to come home to your people and your homeland, please do contact our elected principal Chief, Gary Ridge, direct decendant of *Major Ridge. He can send you the information and application which is required to become enrolled with
the Southern Cherokee Nation.

If you live within our immediate community here in East Central Iowa,
please do contact me, Tse'quan Moon at:,
and I will gladly give you the info you need to come share with us at our meetings, and gatherings. We have a great time trading stories, eating native foods, making our crafts, and planning powwows and special occasions. You are most welcome, Cherokee, or not! *smile*
yigaquu osaniyu adanvto adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi
"May the Great Spirits blessings always be with you!"

Please note, that if you are seeking to join ONLY to recieve a Tribal card, or to be able to say you are a member of the Cherokee Nation, or any Nation, we ask that you seek elsewhere!

*Click here to learn about a proud principal Chief
of the "Ridge Party" that became known as the
"Southern Cherokees"

From the main Southern Cherokee Nation site:

"The Dawes Commission and the Curtis Act dealt with the Cherokee nation, not the Southern Cherokee. The Southern Cherokee have continuously maintained their Independence and Sovereignty."

"Since its inception in 1834, the SCN has been a Nation of "mixed-bloods" - therefore it is not required that you, your parents, or even your grandparents were "full-blooded" Cherokees. We do not recognize or follow the US BIA guidelines for "who is and who isn't" a Cherokee. The Southern Cherokee Nation is an independent, sovereign Nation, and only the SCN government is qualified to set enrollment guidelines. We adhere to the 1827 Constitution of the Cherokee Nation regarding the computation of the degree of Indian Blood."

"Spouses and Children of enrolled SCN citizens are also eligible for enrollment. Also, if you are currently enrolled in another Cherokee Nation or Band, you may transfer your enrollment if you prefer to be enrolled with the SCN."

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O ta sa la nv lvi..."We are brothers and sisters!!"